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    Network Discovery and Application Monitor Question


      Hello All,


      I have an issue that I was hoping to get some assistance with.  I was able to setup my network discovery.  I scheduled the discovery to automatically import the discovered nodes and automatically setup monitoring.  The job worked fine with one exception.  In the Custom Properties section (when you click on "edit node" of a specific server), there is a field labeled "Environment".  We have the following 3 environments setup in SAM:






      Our server names are structured in such a way, that they will be added to one of these 3 environments.  For example, server name hostAVname will be added to the KADC environment due to the letters AV in the server name.  hostSVname will be added to the KSDC environment due to the letters SV in the server name.  hostLVname will be added to the KLDC environment due to the letters LV in the server name.


      What happens when I run the discovery is that all of the servers are place in an environment named "unknown" and I have to manually place each server in the correct environment.  Is there a way in SAM, via the Network Discovery and subsequent adding of the monitor for the applications, that each server can be automatically added to the appropriate environment based on the server name?