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    Monitor if a directory folder is accessible or not???? Help Please!


      Hello fellow Thwack Heads.



      I am hoping someone could help me here. I have been tasked with seeing if there is a way to monitor if a directory folder is accessible or not.



      I have looked over Thwack for suggestions and have found some but nothing that is clean and will give me what I actually need. I am hoping someone has an idea or a way of accomplishing what I'm looking to do.




      We basically own all SW products with the exception of LEM but I do not think an event log is created when a directory becomes inaccessible but maybe I'm wrong on that.




      To clarify what I'm trying to do; I want to monitor with hopefully S.A.M or another SW product if a specific folder that an application resides in and that Citrix pulls the application from is accessible or not. I have already set-up monitors for if the services and processes are running or not but they would also like to see if a folder is able to be accessed or not. T:\APPS\RAIVLiq\rightangle.exe  


      I would than also do this for other directories as well;




      Any thoughts or idea's on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.