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    Helpdesk - Required Mandatory Fields


      I have started configuring our Helpdesk solution to match our custom requirements, however I seem to stuck on one issue.


      Within "Ticket Details" I would like to make the "Work Time" & "Billable" text boxes a mandatory requirement .


      We are running version 12.5.1


      Does anyone have any advice?

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          The only workaround that we've come up with for that is to create custom fields (Ticket > Ticket Custom Fields), make those required fields and then assign those fields to each ticket.


          Not a very good solution, but I found no other way to do it.

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            "Work Time" and "Billable Rate" as required fields is a feature which has been requested by many customers in the past. However, this is not a feature for a good reason.


            If these fields were a required, then a new ticket could not be created without having the values of "Work Time" and "Billable Rate".

            If you think about it, ticket creation is not when a Technician enters a value for "Work Time" and "Billable Rate"; as the work has not yet been performed.

            What would you like to accomplish by making "Work Time" and "Billable Rate" a required field?

            If the primary objective is to prevent a Technician from closing a ticket prior to adding "Work Time" and "Billable Rate", this is already possible in Web Help Desk with the use of Action Rules.


            Processes (Setup > Processes > Action Rules > New)


            Action Rule Info



            Enabled [Selected]

            Priority [1]

            Rule Name:
            Work Time + Cost Required

            This action rule prevents Tickets without work time and cost from being closed by Technicians.

            Cascade [Selected]

            Rule Triggering:
            Evaluate criteria...

            only when updated by a Tech

            When criteria evaluation results in a match, apply action...
            every time

            Tickets matching ALL of these conditions:

            [No Logic]

            ... and ANY of these conditions:

            [Work Time]
            [0] min.


            [Change Status]




            [Change Status]


            [Assign to]



            Hope this helps.




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