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    Realtime CPU monitoring




      I am using Solarwinds NPM 12.1 for monitoring of Cisco devices.

      I am seeing that NPM is fetching only Average CPU utilization not real time values. While Plotting CPU graphs for longer duration, it created average of average CPU readings.


      I would like to see the same Graphs which we are getting in Cisco Devices with "show process CPU history" command, showing max and avg CPU utilization.


      Can anybody help me in this regards.

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          Realtime data is tricky. You have polling limitations, which are a crucial part of fast working monitoring system.

          By default, CPU data is polled from nodes using 10 minutes intervals, which is not even close to real time. There is a good reason for this, as the system would not be able to handle thousands of devices.


          You may try to create a custom table or report using the last CPU value, which was polled from devices, but I am not sure if this is what you want.


          The best way to achieve true real-time polling is to create New Analysis Report, which is a part of new PerfStack function.

          The idea is to define a report with certain nodes and next to start the analysis in real-time. This graph will provide you true current values, frequently refreshed.

          This data will be displayed as a graph with history and current, real-time values. You can have as many PerfStack reports as you need.





          Or directly via Node details page:


          Performance Analyzer -> Start Real-Time Polling


          Would that be a solution for you?


          Kind regards,

          Marcin Kazmierczak.


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