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    Support for SFTP/FTP pull




      Does Solarwinds support SFTP/FTP pull request (From the Server to Wireless Controller) of Statistics?


      If we periodically prepare Statistics in the form of CSV or JSON format and store them on Wireless Controller, is there support at Solarwinds NMS to pull the CSV file and update the orion database tables for Wireless_Controller, Wireless_AccessPoints, Wireless_Clients, Wireless_Rouge.


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          I dont think it does but why dont you monitor the device with Solarwinds is it an unsupported device?


          What is the wireless controller I know they support Cisco and Meraki all you need is the right credentials.

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              Its a Nokia Wireless Controller.

              We don't have SNMP based support for statistics in the current release for our wireless devices.

              Monitoring is just one part which is possible using ICMP, but that does not fetch statistics.


              With SNMP support missing, we are already generating stats in CSV format on our Wireless Controller, hence we are exploring if Solarwinds can FTP the CSV file from the Wireless Controller. Next we can explore if the data can be populated in respective tables.


              Appreciate your help.