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    Network Sonar Discovery - Exclude Devices


      We have multiple locations and configure each location to be on a weekly discovery schedule. Every job is configured to scan a dedicated subnet that we have defined for non-client machines. Our smaller sites use that same range for other devices like UPS, network switches, etcs. The issue that we are having is, the auto-discovery scans everything within that subnet. Devices that do not SNMP setup, Solarwinds tries to scan it, and because of access limitation the devices that it is trying to scan sends out emails for unauthorized access every time the scan runs. We added those devices to the Ignore list, but it looks like all it is doing is stopping the devices from showing up in the import list. In some cases we are able setup SNMP credentials, but there are cases where it is not possible.


      Is there a way for SolarWinds to not scan IPs that we have defined during discovery?