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    NPM - Custom HTML For Existing Resources


      Good morning!


      I'm trying to build a view that will display the 'Average bits per second (Step Chart)' for a couple different interfaces in a single place. I've poked around and found a handy thread where folks had done something like this for the classic charts, but is it possible to do the same for the 'new' charts? The classic charts leave much to be desired.


      When I input the following into my Custom HTML resource, all I get back is a busted image icon instead of the chart I'm after:


      <img src="/Orion/Charts/CustomChart.aspx?view=InterfaceDetails&ResourceID=466&NetObject=I%3a2846" />


      But I can take that same link, add my Orion server to the beginning (https://orion-server/) and drop it into Chrome/Internet Explorer and get the chart I'm looking for. Thoughts?