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    Tape Backups Job Status PowerShell Monitor Fails - Veeam Backup SAM Template


      Our Veeam Backup runs 4 jobs as shown below. I have applied the out-of-the-box Veeam Backup SAM template and duplicated the PowerShell component monitor for each of the 4 jobs. I have entered the Job names in the script arguments and the 'Daily Backup' and 'Weekly Backup' are working correctly. However the 'Daily to tape' and 'Weekly to tape' jobs do not work with the script. I was wondering if there is a difference or limitation of Tape backup jobs compared to VMware backup jobs. From the screen shot of the table below, the different Job types both have a 'Status' and 'Last Result' - which is what the PowerShell monitor is returning.

      Veeam Backup Jobs

      See below screen shot of output from testing the component monitors - one has argument 'Daily Backup' the other 'Daily to tape' they succeed and fail respectively.

      I have tried entering the argument as Daily to tape, 'Daily to tape', "Daily to tape", for the scripts that run successfully the argument does not include quotation marks. The script itself uses arg[0] as job name - see attached out-of-the-box script for ease of access (jobstatus.txt).


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