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    Alert when a service is running


      I need to create a template to include a service monitor which stays green when not running and red when running.   How would you do that? I don't see any option available in my SAM 6.5.



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          The only option available for SAM templates is to switch the service from Down to "Not running".


          Here is the screenshot of using "Not Running":




          There is no option to switch up/down status. However you could do it for Alerts and reports.

          For example, Alert can be triggered when the service is up (instead of being down).


          For reports, you could add Custom Table as a widget for your Dashboard website.

          Next, when you are configuring the table column for Status, you can point it to modified "up.gif" and "down.gif" images, for which the Up would be Red and Down would be Green.

          This would give you a graphical representation of what you want to achieve


          The same can be achieved for reports with scheduler and PDF export.


          Custom table:




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