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    Using Linux/Unix Script Monitor to parse CURL output - McAfee EPO template


      I'm trying to get Orion Linux/Unix Script Monitor to parse a CURL output.  I have the bash command to get the output, what I can't seem to do is make Orion see the Message Statistic fields at the end of the script.  I need someone to tell me what I'm missing.


      First my CURL statement, and the output I get on my Linux box, command first and output right after:


      [USER@SERVER tmp]$ x=`curl -s -k -u user:'password' '"")' | grep Average` printf "Message:AvgScan:\n";printf "\t$x" | awk -F: {'print $1'} | printf "Statistic:AvgScan:\t";y=`echo "$x" | awk -F: {'print $2'} |  tr -d '\015'`;printf "\t$y\n"


      Statistic:AvgScan:               0.017518



      What Orion tells me when I run this script:

      ND Get Output Failed:  Invalid script output. Unable to parse 'Statistic' as number



      I'm all but convinced, at this point, that I simply am not outputting the "Message / Statistic" fields right.  Can someone good with creating templates help?