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    Email Reply to Clients Outside Domain


      Hi all. I thought this was a checkbox somewhere but I can't find it. I want to send a reply to people outside our domain when they create a ticket by email. So, joeschmo@gmail.com sends an email that creates a ticket, he should get a confirmation that the ticket was created. How do I set this up?


      Taking it one step further, I do not want him to get ANY updates on the ticket until it's resolved. Is this possible as well?



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          Check the email templates for ticket creation email messages, would need align a message to a Request Type which your email come into.


          For the last part, ensure that you have a Request Type which doesn't have client communication set a default, then when the ticket is complete set status to something like "Complete - Email Client", use an Action rule to pickup this status change, to re-enable Client communication for that ticket, then advice to Complete which will send a is the ticket complete email to the client. You could also do this for Closed status, depending if you want your clients to re-open tickets.

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            Yes. What you requested is possible in Web Help Desk.


            First, configure E-Mail Options (Setup > E-Mail > Options). 

            E-Mail Options
            Add gmail.com to
            the Accepted Domains field.

            Second, configure Ticket Options (Setup > Tickets > Options).

            Ticket Options
            Change the Auto-Reply to Client field to Ticket Creation Only.

            Note: This is a global change and will impact all users.


            For a solution, specific to a group of outside customers, setup up the Companies module and repeat the above steps at that level.



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