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    OTV Monitoring with NPM?


      Hello, we are trying to figure out a way for NPM to monitor and alert on OTV status on our OTV VDC's.  Here is the condition we need to monitor and alert:


      222-N7009-A-OTV# sh otv

      OTV Overlay Information

      Site Identifier 0000.2000.0020

      Overlay interface Overlay1

      VPN name            : Overlay1

      VPN state           : DOWN (Cleanup In Progress)

      Extended vlans      : 2100-2103 2131 3801-3803 (Total:8)

      Control group       :

      Data group range(s) :

      Broadcast group     :

      Join interface(s)   : Po55 (X.X.X.X)

      Site vlan           : 970 (up)

      AED-Capable         : No (Overlay is Down)

      Capability          : Multicast-Reachable


      The interface for Overlay1 was up so can't use that.


      I did some searching on THWACK and could not find anything to do this.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated...



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          Richard Phillips

          I don't use these devices, but I'm guessing if you did a MIB walk you could find the OID that represents the VPN state and build a UnDP (universal device poller) to capture that information. Just let me know if you need help with any of this.

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              Richard is right.  I did a quick check into the MIB/OID for OTV and this is what I found: http://oidref.com/


              If that is the correct OID and your MIB walk is successful, don't forget to go to the customer portal and submit the OID for the MIB Database for others in the future.  Also, it would be nice once you've created the UnDP that you post it for others, or at least an explanation of what you had to do to accomplish this.

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                Richard, I found this on THWACK, which seems to be what I am looking for. 



                However, when I go to Manage Pollers, THWACK Community Pollers, I can see it there, but when I try to import it, I get this error:


                Failed to import device poller! Reason:
                This does not appear to be a valid Device Studio poller. Please use another poller.



                There is also an alert this same person create and I have that imported into my alerts:



                But the alert seems to be dependent on the UnDP being loaded.


                Any idea how I can get this working?  I have never done UnDP's before.



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                    I did a quick search and came up with this: You cannot import a UnDP poller into Device Studio - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


                    Does that resolve your issue?



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                      Richard Phillips

                      I was able to download it and import it into the UnDP (you open that from the SolarWinds server console, not the webpage). Go to file and import and it comes right up.


                      This poller doesn't give status, but rather the reasons for which the tunnel went down.


                      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                      <CustomPollers version="9.0">

                        <CustomPoller UniqueName="cotvOverlayVpnDownReason" Description="This object indicates the reason why this Overlay Virtual &#xD;&#xA; Private Network is down. &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'other' - Any other reason not covered by below &#xD;&#xA; enumerations &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'configChange' - Configuration changed &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'missingControlGroup' - Control Group information &#xD;&#xA; is unavailable &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'missingDataGroupRange' - Data Group range information &#xD;&#xA; is unavailable &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'misssingJoinOrSourceInterface' - Join or Source interface &#xD;&#xA; information is unavailable &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'missingVpnName' - VPN name is unavailable &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'missingJoinInterfaceAddr' - IP address is missing for &#xD;&#xA; Join Interface &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'joinInterfaceDown' - Join Interface is down &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'adminDown' - Overlay is administratively shutdown &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'deleteHoldDown' - Overlay is in delete hold down phase &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'reinit' - VPN is reinitializing &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'missingSiteId' - Site ID information is unavailable &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'siteIdMismatch' - Site ID mismatch has occurred &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'missingSourceInterfaceAddr' - IP address is missing for &#xD;&#xA; Source Interface &#xD;&#xA; &#xD;&#xA; 'sourceInte" OID="" MIB="CISCO-OTV-MIB:cotvOverlayVpnDownReason" SNMPGetType="GetNext" NetObjectPrefix="N" GroupName="Cisco OTV" PollerType="S" Parser="Enumeration" IncludeHistory="True" Unit="" TimeUnitId="1" TimeUnitQuantity="0" DefaultDisplayTimeUnitId="0" Formula="" LabelType="" LabelDetail="">


                            <Enumeration RawValue="0" TextValue="other" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="1" TextValue="configChange" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="10" TextValue="reinit" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="11" TextValue="missingSiteId" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="12" TextValue="siteIdMismatch" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="13" TextValue="missingSourceInterfaceAddr" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="14" TextValue="sourceInterfaceDown" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="15" TextValue="changingSiteId" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="16" TextValue="changingControlGroup" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="17" TextValue="missingDeviceId" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="18" TextValue="changingDeviceId" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="19" TextValue="cleanupInProgress" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="2" TextValue="missingControlGroup" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="3" TextValue="missingDataGroupRange" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="4" TextValue="missingJoinOrSourceInterface" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="5" TextValue="missingVpnName" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="6" TextValue="missingJoinInterfaceAddr" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="7" TextValue="joinInterfaceDown" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="8" TextValue="adminDown" />

                            <Enumeration RawValue="9" TextValue="deleteHoldDown" />




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                    All, I think I got this working with the stuff off THWACK from Ryan.  I new to this but with some playing around, it seems like it is working.  I guess I'll have wait till it drops before I can confirm that though...




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                      I did some digging, but I may have found another OID to monitor strictly for the Overlay VPN State



                      From here you would just need to setup an Alert to monitor the 'Custom Node Poller' with the Unique Name that is equal to 'cotvOverlayVpnState'


                      Trigger alert when Custom Poller Current Value is not equal to 'up'.

                      OTV State Alert trigger screenshot