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    Request for Collaboration to Integrate Stats from Nokia wireless with NPM




      I work with Nokia Wireless team. We are currently working on updating Stats for Nokia Wireless HW with Solarwinds NPM.

      This initiative is based on a request from customer who's network is monitored using Solarwinds NPM/NMS servers.


      We would like to have a closed loop private discussion on this topic.


      We had one meeting with Lau, Yan Qing. In our follow up email to him, he has recommended to seek support in THWACK community.


      We have completed the following

      1) Installed a trial version of Solarwinds Orion package.

      2) View schema of tables of interest.

      3) Added a controller node for monitoring.

      4) Able to view status of controller node in Orion.nodes view.

      5) Wrote sample queries using SWQL to insert, update and delete from individual tables.


      We solicit your collaboration to discuss specific details on the table content updation.

      Discuss specifics on table updates which when populated will provide the output required by our customer.


      Looking forward to hear from you.


      Thanks and Regards