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    How do I apply thresholds to a node group?


      I'm sure this has been documented and/or discussed somewhere, but just couldn't find it.  Basically, I have a group of nodes which all have the same partitions.  I need to set a threshold on that partition to alert if it fills to 98% capacity.  We have a few dozen of the machines already online, with plenty more inbound.  What's the best route to apply that threshold to all the nodes?  I like how the Application Monitor Templates can be assigned to groups, but wish the hardware monitoring had the same option (unless it already does).  Currently on SAM 6.4.0 if that helps and it's been included in a later version.

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          Unfortunately there is no super easy way in the GUI to bulk edit those volume thresholds.  If you use the manage nodes screen you can check the boxes for them all and set the thresholds for more than one at a time, but you still have to do a lot of clicking around and there is no search for volumes button.

          For things where the GUI fails me and there is no API command then the only place left to go is direct database changes


          insert into [ForecastCapacitySettings] (InstanceId, MetricId, Enabled, UsePeakValues, WarningThreshold, CriticalThreshold)

          select distinct volumeid, 3, 1, 0, 80, 98 from Volumes

          where caption like 'c:%' -- figure out how to define a where condition that includes only the disks you want to make this change to, since you mentioned the nodes are in a group you could join volumes to nodes to containermembersnapshots to tie these together