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    Migration to new server - Install Sequence




      New to Thwack and I hope I am hitting the right crowd.


      We are looking to migrate our deployment from its current physical infrastructure to a new virtual infrastructure. We will only be performing a migration at this point, and an upgrade at a later date. I have almost all of the steps mapped out - except for the application/module install sequence.


      Before running the config wizard, should we install just NPM? Or do we install all modules and THEN run the config wizard?


      Current environment that we will be migrating:


      NPM 12.0

      NCM 7.5

      NTA 3.11

      IPAM 4.3.2

      VNQM 4.2.3


      Some modules are dated but we will be upgrading to NPM 12.2 within the next 3-4 weeks, post-migration.


      Any insight is greatly appreciated!