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    Problems with average/peak utilization


      I have to generate a report that lists the average and peak percent utilization of WAN links over the past month.


      Before, I was doing it the manual way so I had an excel sheet like below and I would get the values by generating a percent utilization chart and reading off the peak. So the first problem I have is getting the average percent utilization over a time period because I don't see an actual value for this in Solarwinds.


      Peak (%)


      I'm now trying to generate it with a report but I have the following problems:

      1. The link names are not present in the table (G0/0/1 on abc-mpls-router)
      2. There is no average or peak tx/rx percent utilization columns.
      3. I tried using average bps, peak tx/rx bps and the table lists way more rows than the number of links I'm reporting on.


      How do I go about getting the results I'm looking for? Let me know If I have to provide more info.