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    Maintenance Mode - Alert Suppression and tying it in to groups


      With previous versions of SolarWinds we muted nodes through custom properties, allowing NOC screen blobs to include groups that were not muted so we only highlighted down nodes of reason unknown and summarised the muted nodes elsewhere.


      Now with the current version's O.O.B. Maintenance Mode Alert Muting option have tried to find if there was some way to dynamically link these to groups so that they can then be shown via Network Atlas but does not seem possible.

      One thought was to do a workaround. An alert to check for when a node was O.O.B. suppressed, either scheduled or manually, and this then changes the old school CP as required to allow that to be referenced as before. Seemed quick if it could be implemented but finding the correct field/event seems not to be possible.

      Has anyone managed this?