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    Hardware Health Monitoring Issue 2018


      I have an issue with hardware health monitoring in my environment.

      I have vCenter 6.0 and 3 clusters.

      2 Clusters include IBM hosts and other one Include HP hosts.

      In monitoring side I have NPM 12.01 SAM 6.3.0 VIM 7.0.0 WPM 2.2.1 and SRM 6.3.0.

      I have also additional poller.

      Vcenter and All ESXi servers poll through additional poller with SNMP and Vmware Polling.

      Also I added vcenter to VMAN .

      now problem is that Solarwinds dont show any Hardware Health info for this ESXi Servers

      I installed OEM iso version of ESXi on each server.

      Hardware health info for hosts shows successfully in vSphere webclient and also I check states in vCenter MOB. Every things is OK.

      Also I checked "All Settings---> Manage pollers ---> Hardware Health Sensors" Scan Results is "Not a match".

      Additional poller version also is the same with main solarwinds server.

      I am so confused.

      Any help could be great for my situation.



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