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    Operational Status of an Interface on a Switch


      I have edited a report I found here.  Simply put, it lists interfaces that are currently down on a node, but was up earlier, or so I thought.  I have stripped everything away in this report to just show interfaces Operational Status as Down.  In limited instances, Device Tracker shows that certain Operational Status for interfaces are up for example Gi1/0/3 is up.  I run the report and the report shows the "Operational Status is Down" for this interface.   I log into the switch and I see that Gi1/0/3 has been up for 4 hours.  This happens only on 1 or 2 interfaces of a node, and not always.  The report option that I am using is: Operational Status       is not equal to      UP.


      I tried the other options of equal to, contains, etc, of Up and Down.  No matter what combination I try, I get the results of the report thinking that the Operational Status is Down.  It seems that Operational Status is not real time?  Is this correct?  If it's not real time, how would I "refresh" this variable?


      Does anybody know how this works?