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    Running execute command script against a device and getting error: connection refused even if script was successful


      I am creating a job that grabs the version, saves teh config  and grabs the version again.  So the script looks like this:



      '     This is an example Job that executes a command script on a group of devices


      '     Modify this script to suit your needs


      show version

      copy running-config startup-config

      show version



      I run the job and in the log it shows the output of the sh ver, then the saving of the config, and then the sh ver, just like I asked it to.  But then if gives an error (ERROR: Connection Refused.).


      But the script is finished so I can't figure out what connection is getting refused.


      This error is obviously making the job think it failed


      Devices: 1

      Errors: 1



      Any ideas on where I can checkto see what is going on??


      Attached is the log