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    Problem Ticket Issue


      So, we had 6 incidents today that I wanted to assign to a Problem ticket.


      I don't know if my way of thinking is way off base, but this isn't very intuitive.


      I create a Problem Ticket. I added a Subject/Description which just summarized what was happening. I then "thought" I could click on the Problem TAB and search for Incidents and Link them. WRONG.


      It appears I then need to go back to my list and search (or filter) on the Incident tickets, THEN Check each of them, THEN do a Bulk Action, THEN search for the Problem ticket and click the LINK button, THEN apply the Bulk Action.


      Really?!? That seems very clunky and unintuitive and probably the reason I have never problem ticket to this point. Creating the problem ticket wastes a lot of time.


      Hopefully, someone can steer me in the correct direction and let me know what I am doing wrong so I can streamline this process in the future.


      thank you in advance…

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          I found exactly the same thing. I don't think looking for other Problem Records as the selected Ticket Type in the pullout tab even fits in with ITIL recommended process. Problems are made up of a collection of incidents not other Problem records aren't they?

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            Yup. It's clunky.

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              Hi All,


              I'm new to Web Helpdesk, I cannot find the link after selecting the incident tickets to link it to problem ticket. I already checked the Incident tickets and selected bulk action but I do not see how to link it to the problem ticket.


              Thank you.

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                  Did you first create a Problem Ticket?


                  After creating the Problem Ticket, look at the ticket number.



                  Then find all the incidents and check the boxes. At the bottom, do a bulk action and in the bulk action set the Ticket Type to Incident. Problem will now appear at the top right side. Click on the TAB and type in the Problem Ticket number in the No. field. That will then assign those incidents to that one Problem ticket. Time consuming, but it works. At that point, you can create notes in the Problem tickets and all the incident tickets will get updated.