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    Netpath Cannot Make Direct Connection


      I have had issues with Netpath for several months and after two or three unresolved tickets with Solarwinds support I am hoping someone on Thwack may have had similar issues and might offer some suggestions.

      For reasons unknown to me most of the monitors I had set up to remote sites stopped working. The sites have two different carriers so I can't pin it solely on one provider. I have one probe ( the Orion Server) located in corporate data center so I can rule out a remote probe issue.

      I noticed the error pictured Below:

      I was able to get some sites working after running an NMAP scan to find open ports on the routers. I did not have to do this when I initially upgraded to NMP 12.1 or whatever version provided Netpath.

      If I use a PC behind the routers I can get the Netpath to work. Unfortunately I do not have testing PCs on all of our sites. I am working on that as it seems to be an easier solution to this problem.