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    Bulk Assign/UnAssign F5 Pollers


      There is either a big miss by SolarWinds when it comes to the management of the relatively new F5 Polling feature, or I'm overlooking something on my end.  I've been a big advocate of the new Manage Pollers feature (AKA: Device Studio) because it has made bulk editing standard poller assignments much easier, as well as allowed us to create custom "default" pollers.  However, there seems to be no way to manage the F5 Big-IP poller using Manage Pollers.  The only F5 related poller you can manage in Manage Pollers is the Node Details poller.  That isn't what I want to manage.


      We have a need to remove the F5 polling feature from a large subset of our F5 devices (specifically all of our Dev and QA load balancers).  For most things, like Routing, Topology Polling, and Switch Stack polling (as just a few examples) this would be a simple task.  Go into Manage Pollers, select the polling package we want to  unassign from some nodes, click the "Assign" button, search for and/or group until you find the nodes you want it removed from, select those nodes, then click "Disable".  Done.  This is much faster than the old way which was to either individually click on each node in Manage Nodes and perform a List Resources to remove the poller, or to do a SQL table edit.  However, since I can't find the F5 poller in the Manage Pollers section, I'm afraid we're going to have to do one of those two things.  I'm not adverse to doing the SQL edit, but looking the Pollers table I see that there are tons of different types of F5 pollers and that they are not just assigned to Nodes but also assigned to individual Interface elements.


      So, am I missing something obvious, or did SolarWinds completely forget to add the F5 Big-IP poller feature to the Manage Pollers console?  What would you consider the best approach to removing the F5 poller from a large amount of nodes since we can't seem to do it via Manage Pollers?


      Here are a couple of screenshots in case you aren't quite sure what I'm talking about:





      Here is what you see when you do a "List Resources" on a F5 node.  Notice the "F5 Big-IP" poller can be enabled/disabled here.  But doing it this way for dozens of nodes would take FOREVER.  Why can't we manage this in Manage Pollers??:




      And here is what you see when you go into "Manage Pollers":



      Heck, even the newest Cisco ASA polling feature they built can be managed in Manage Pollers.  How could they not put the F5 Pollers in there??  It's been a couple of years since the feature has been out.  How are we supposed to bulk edit our F5's???