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    SAM - File Count Monitor - directory path variables


      Hello All,

      This is my first posting, so don't roast me if this has been posted before, or if it's a stupid question!


      If I have a directory structure that consists of a parent directory, containing several subdirectories, which themselves contain several subdirectories, ie...






      , is there a way to set the parentDir_n as a variable to keep the number of individual monitors to a minimum?

      ie.  \\${IP}\Server1\${PD}\in


      Maybe somebody could suggest a better way to accomplish this?


      Any help will be welcomed, thank you.

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          Being able to use variables for the out of the box component monitors is a long outstanding feature request.


          What you described can still be accomplished if you used a custom script monitor and passed the respective directory name into the script once the template is assigned. There should be a File Count Script template that comes out of the box and I believe there should be something shared on Thwack too

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              Thanks for your reply Chad. We've tried implementing this (I think) but no luck so far, however, when you say 'custom script monitor' do you mean the out-of-box File Existence monitor, which we've utilised, adding the file path, file type etc.?


              We've created a custom property for the node with ' ; ' separated folder names (using   ..\dir1\${var}\childDir  )but when we test the component monitor the status

              is always up regardless of whether or not the variable name refers to a correct path or not.