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    Alerts for Multiple ISP's (multiple nodes)


      Greetings, all!


      I am working on alerts for nodes that have multiple ISP's.  From my understanding, Solarwinds doesn't support the monitoring of multiple IP's on a single node.  For example, if the polling IP goes down, the secondary ISP will not keep the node up since Solarwinds only has a one-to-one relationship with the node.  We created a separate node for the secondary ISP and then built a group, assigning the two "nodes" to this group by a common shared attribute.  We built an alert to notify if this group goes down and that works fine.  We have a standard "node down" alert as well.


      The problem/question I have is:  Is there a way to quell the second "node down" alert if the entire site goes down so we will only get two possible emails, instead of three.  For example:


      SiteA (ISP1) goes down. We get an email.

      SiteA (ISP2) goes down.  We get another email.

      Group is now down.  We get a third email.


      What I would like is:


      SiteA or SiteB goes down.  We get an email.

      If the other site goes down, we don't get an email for that circuit but get an email for the entire site being down.


      Alternatively, is there now a way to monitor one node with multiple ISP's, monitoring both interfaces and only get two emails instead of three?


      Thank you,


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          I think that this can be done in two alerts, but I'm not really able to test this right now so consider it a rough draft.  Alert 1:


          Trigger Condition:



          Reset Condition:



          This will set it so the alert should fire when either node goes down, but not trigger again until both nodes are back up.  That's my theory anyway.  I'm a huge fan of "no matter how sure I am it doesn't work until tests prove that it works" hence the disclaimer.


          Alert 2:


          I'm not going to screenshot it, because I think it's simple enough and can link a KB to the pertinent settings.  Alert 2 will be the group itself.  So you would alert if "ISP" group status is down.  How you affect this is that you set the group settings for that specific group to show the best status.  So it would require all nodes to be down before the group would report as down and then trigger that alert.  Here's the KB for those settings:


          Groups not displaying the correct status - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


          I don't know for certain that this would prevent the three alerts because I don't play with OR blocks a lot in Orion alerting, but it seems like a structure like this should work for what you were after.