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    Embedding Existing IPAM Group under Another Existing IPAM Group

    Mike Lomax

      Our normal process is to have a Group directly under the "IP Networks" top-level group on the


      Under the top-level "IP Networks" Group under "Manage Subnets & IP Addresses" we create a sub-Group for each office location.  Under the office location sub-Group we place our subnets, supernets, etc. and also sometimes additional sub-Groups.


      We would now like to re-org this Group tree structure and move all of the office location sub-Groups, the way they exist today, under a new, second-level "Office Locations" Group.  Moving subnets between Groups is a simple drag-n-drop process but you cannot do the same with the Groups.  I also don't see any option for moving them.  The only way I can see to accomplish this is altering the DB which I am always leery to do unless someone has a tested method that works.


      This could possibly be accomplished by creating the new "Office Locations" IPAM Group under the "IP Networks" group, noting the new assigned GroupId and inserting that new GroupId in the ParentId field for all office location Groups you want embedded under "Office Locations".  But does anyone know if that is a safe thing to do?


      I tried something similar with NPM Containers (Groups) and did not have luck.  Would also like to be able to figure out a way to do it there as well however.


      If you have any other ideas for how to move Groups, let me know.