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    More than 2 members in an HA pool?


      Are there any plans to allow more than 2 members in an HA pool?  Specifically for the main poller?


      Let me explain:

      We have a customer requirement to account for a multi site outage.

      They currently have 3 sites of which there is a Solarwinds poller at each site.

      Each site has an HA standby member in the opposite site.

      We have tested the below scenaio forwards and backwards and it works very well:

      Site A:

           Main Poller Active (Site A)

           APE Poller Standby (For Site B)

           APE Poller Standby (For Site C)

           SQL Always On DB

      Site B:

           Main Poller Standby (For site A)

           APE Poller Active (For Site B)

           SQL Always ON DB Standby

      Site C:

           APE Poller Active (For Site C)


      However you can see where the gap lies at Site C.  If both Site A and B go dark, it is my understanding that the APE will continue to collect data for a short amount of time but obviously won't be able to for very long nor send out any alerting.  So short of deploying a separate solarwinds instance and DB at each site, it would just be so much easier to extend the SQL always on DR replication to site C as well as have a standby main poller in site C to take over alerting in the event of a multi site failure.


      Or can anyone else offer up any architecture advice?  I thought about an additional web console, etc but I think that requires the main poller to be functional.