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    NPM - Cisco Stack Power Alerting


      Hi all,


      Just to put it out there, I'm relatively new to the thwack community, but happy to be here! I have learned a lot from these threads.


      My question is in regards to alerting us to stack-power issues within our environment. We use stack-power on 3850's, and now will be doing the same with the catalyst 9300's as well. However, I just cannot seem to get Orion to alert me on when the stack-power ring goes down. Switch stack rings alert just fine, but not stack-power. I have tried using the "stack power redundancy lost" alert, and have made my own as well to try and fiddle with the settings.


      Has anyone encountered issues like this? If so, any tips on how to resolve?


      • Cisco 3850's
        • Stack-power group mode = power sharing strict
      • Cisco 9300's
        • Stack-power group mode = power sharing strict



      One of the alerts I have tried (2 screen grabs):



      Another alert I have tried (1 screen grab):