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    How many Solarwinds Admins/Engineers would it take...


      Hello everyone,


      I have a question for you all and I know the answer/answers will more than likely be subjective and that's fine. I'm just curious what some of your own Solarwinds deployment experiences were like.


      Quick backstory:


      The company that I work for purchased SAM and Patch Manager last year and we have been up and running with it for nearly 4 months now. They gave me the fine job of being the sole Solarwinds Admin, which means I am responsible for every aspect of the Solarwinds deployment, configuration, and maintenance (VMs, SQL DB, Alerts, Custom Application Monitors, etc. etc.)


      I would say that we are a small to midsized environment – I just pulled the current Platform/License Details from our setup (see below).  Keep in mind that I only have about half of our environment currently being monitored by Solarwinds so these numbers will definitely increase over the couple few months.


      In your own environments, how long did it take you in you to completely stand up Solarwinds –

      1. Hours spent per week?

      2. How many months to complete?

      3. Did you have a team or did you stand it up solo?

      4. What product(s) did you configure? (SAM, NPM, LEM, DPA, etc.)


      In your opinions, what would you asses the workload would be for a sole admin standing up SW in an environment of our size?


      Just something I’ve been curious about. I’ve spoken with other colleagues that have deployed and worked with SW in the past and they all have looked at me like I’m insane when I tell them that I am doing this by myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


      Looking forward to hearing your stories!


      Network Elements











      Module Name

      Orion Platform



      Service Pack


      Nodes currently monitored


      Total nodes in license


      Volumes currently monitored


      Total volumes in license





      Product Name

      Server & Application Monitor



      Service Pack




      Allowed Number of Component Monitors


      Total Number of Component Monitors


      Licensed Component Monitors


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          Good News/Bad News


          We have had SAM/NPM for many years at our organization.  We've had one person who was primarily responsible at its inception and he was soley focused on NPM, and I've been the primary on it for the last few years with my focus being SAM.


          How long does it take to stand up and start using the basics, a week or two(?).  How long does it take to figure out that there is more to SAM/NPM that I will ever fully be able to utilize (2 months). Like most SW Admins I wear a lot of hats, and Orion is just one small part of my job (I get less than 2-3 hours in an average week to improve/fix), yet we monitor almost our entire infrastructure from it, and now have a NOC in its infant stages that looks at it for many hours each day.  


          I love this product, I think it's insanely powerful, but every time I attend a webinar about it or read some of the posts, i realize there are more features and ins/out that I don't utilize than the ones I do utilize. 


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            When I was given the reigns of my first Solarwinds deployment I was also told to get our documentation under control for an environment with about 300 servers and a network of 1000 switches (although most of those switches we only needed to ping for up/down thankfully)


            I worked on it intermittently learning as I went and maybe putting in an hour or two each day on either documentation or Solarwinds tasks for about a year before I felt like things were where I wanted them to be, but the bulk of the alerts and nodes were set up within a couple weeks.  The part that took me so long was just digging up info on all the servers and switches we had floating around and then using custom properties to tag all that info into Solarwinds.  Ended up building a lot of topology maps and diagrams as well in Atlas.