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    TCP/UDP PORTS monitoring by SAM?




      I have had been using Sitescope and can say it was fairly easy to find a Relevant monitor there and go about doing the task to monitor almost all the components.


      I have a need to get rid of Sitescope and instead use SAM and NPM (NCM and NTA too though).

      I am unable to find a PORT monitor template in SAM so far. I thought it was in there and fairly would be straight forward to use.


      I have the following few examples to monitor now from Solarwinds that I was doing from Sitescope so far.

      The devices that I need to monitor these PORTS on are Bluecoat proxy; a few other may be Servers as well.

      If someone can please help me with how to go about it in SAM/NPM would be great help to say the least.


      Access to the SOAP HTTPS (Radius)

      TCP 8445

      Ports 8080, 8081, 8082, 8083, 21