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    Junos Compliance


      Hi I am trying to use the Compliance element of NCM to help me standardize my Juniper configurations. So my first attempt is to create a standard syslog script for compliance.


      As part of the compliance report I want to check certain elements of my script against Variables in the configuration. What I am struggling to find is the variables to use. Two examples are below


      set system syslog host x.x.x.x log-prefix <Hostname of CE>

      set system syslog ip address <Loopback of CE>



      What I am struggling with is what variables I need to place in the compliance script, that will then extract these from the config to ensure the configuration is compliant. New to NCM, so thinking $Hostname and $Loopback is probably not the right answer. In addition, when can I find a list of variables I can utilise