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    Deleting configuration from the node detail page errors


      I ran into this problem today. I tried to delete a configuration file using the delete config button on the node details page/tab for a device and ended up with an error.


      Cirrus.ConfigArchive.DeleteConfigs failed. Check fault information, System.ArgumentException --> username


      The configuration file is deleted, and cannot be seen on the configs page, yet the error persists when I try to do other device configuration.


      Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix this?


      I am a little confused as to why this clean install is having so much problems.

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          By seeing System.ArgumentException it makes me think potentially it's on the Windows OS that your Orion platform is running on.  Is there a service account associated with the Orion platform services or does it run as system?  Are GPOs being applied to the server?  Is there a security principal listed under the config file storage location on the server?


          Just to clarify, you said you deleted the config: is it still in the config directory in Windows?  If not, maybe there is an account limitation on your SolarWinds server for your user account/group?  Another possibility is the way the account was configured in SQL, although I would assume there would be a SqlClient reference in the error.



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