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    Regarding Complex Alert Conditions


      The example it gives for complex alerts is when you want to alert when (Application A on server X goes down) AND (Application B on server Y) goes down.


      Is there a way to alert when (Application A AND Application B) on server X goes down, where server X can be any server?

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          David Smith

          Hi wdavon24 sorry I did reply originally, but I think I misunderstood the question so I removed it until I had time to re-type my answer.


          In your scenario you would need to do something like the following:


          Alert On:    Application

          Scope of Alert:    All Objects

          Trigger Conditions:

                        Application - Status - is equal to - Down

          and        Node          - Status - is equal to - Up

          and        Application - Application Name - is equal to - Application A

          or            Application - Application Name - is equal to - Application B


          Then within "Advanced options" you would need to select "Enable complex conditions" this will then enable you to select the added option of: "Alert can be triggered if more or equal 2 objects (at the same time)..."


          *This will tell the alert that you need both of the OR statements to be true (So you could have 3, 4, 5 etc and only 2 of them need to be down or 3 conditions and change the variable to 3.*


          If you need a screenshot then let me know. There are some other ways to do this as well, if you were looking to monitor some critical applications together you could put them in a group and then monitor & alert on the group status rather than the individual applications.


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