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    What else can I check for Alert Troubleshooting

    martian monster

      I have one alert that for some reason has decided to stop working.  Here is the background


      I have created a custom SAM template to monitor 7 windows services on a server.  This SAM template has been around for quite some time so it is not a newly created SAM template.


      I can go to test the SAM template and it will go out to the server and test the service and report that it is up.  I can't disable the services since it is a production machine so I tried inverting the alert - so instead of alerting when it is down to alert when it is up and that did not work.


      The servers get rebooted on Sunday mornings and the application owner brought this to my attention - normally when they reboot they take a bit of time to reboot and they will get a warning that the services are not started.  This alert did not come through so that is when the application owner alerted me to an issue. 


      I tested a few other alerts and they work fine. It is just this alert.  Any other suggestions on what I can test or have a look to see why this alert is not checking if the service is up or down? 

      Thanks! - Dave