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    Why does Agent spawn 326 processes on CentOS 7?


      Before I delve deeply into this, I wanted to find out if this is a known problem with a simple solution. Due to stringent security constraints, we are deploying via Puppet Foreman using the "manual" method. I will check to see if there is an updated version available.




      Only happens on CentOS 7 our CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 servers are fine. I suspect the process is failing in a way that systemd respawns the daemon but isn't properly cleaning up the old processes.


      It looks like this has been going on for awhile but consumes < 50% CPU so has gone unnoticed until today.


      I suspect the process is failing in a way that it gets respawned by systemd but the original process is not cleaned up--looks like it is continually spawning new Worker processes and the total count of this error conveniently corresponds with the number of processes.


      18/02/27 12:27:22.908 PID: 1366 TID: 2726283008 [ERROR] void WorkerProcessController::RegisterWorkerProcess(ewCore::event_handle_t) - pluginId [Discovery], failed to complete worker process registration: PID [21210], deviceID [c457fd24-2efd-40d3-ab89-10857888e892.EWWP]. Worker process will be terminated. Failure counter [326], elapsed [299.621] sec(s)