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    Node Capacity Forecasts




      Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere within Solarwinds that I can set the percentage criteria for the 'Capacity Forecasts' reports. I have two Solarwinds systems running side-by-side, one new and one old.


      When I receive the report based on the capacity forecasts for our disk volumes I seem to be getting different results.  For example, the report from our new system is showing that a servers disk will be at capacity in 3 months whereas in the report form our old system it is showing that the disk will be at capacity in  3 weeks.  I've spent a couple of hours doing comparisons this morning but still confused.




      Anita Roberts

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          Raul Gonzalez

          Hi Anita


          SolarWinds takes into consideration the last 180 days of data (by default). If you have different historical data on both systems, it is quite likely that you will get different forecast results.


          By the way, if you want to change the amount of historical data taken into consideration when calculating forecast results, run this script on database manager, and edit the value on column 'Current Value'


          select * from settings

          where name  ='Forecast Data Collection Duration'



          The minimum amount of data SolarWinds needs is also defined on that table of the database (by default 7 days)


          select * from settings

          where name ='Forecast Minimal Days'



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