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    Bandwidth questions for Reports


      If I have a router with sub-interfaces and I generate a report on bandwidth for the physical interface itself, will the report give me the total amount of bandwidth utilized for itself and all sub-interfaces or just itself?  I know if I generate a chart on interface bandwidth for a router, the chart will show me bandwidth and the breakdown of all interfaces on the router including sub-interfaces.  For example, if I have gi0/1 with sub-interfaces gi0/1.1 and gi0/1/2, the chart will show me 3 lines however, this doesn't answer my question.  Let's say for a day I transmit this amount of bandwidth:

                               gi0/1 (physical interface): 10 Mbps

                               gi0/1.1 (sub-interface): 2 Mbps

                               gi0/1.2 (sub-interface): 3 Mbps


      Does that 10 Mbps from gi0/1 include the 5 Mbps (2 + 3 Mbps from both gi0/1.1 and gi0/1.2)?