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    Information needed on Solarwinds Patch Manager




      I am planning to purchase license for  Patch Manager and would like to know few details before going forward with this plan.


      1. Does Patch Manager provide me info on system PC inventory including model, RAM, CPU, location? If not what solarwind product can give me this. I have Windows 10 Desktops and laptops which I need to monitor.


      2. Can it give me information on Active Directory groups & enabled GPOs utilized. If not which product can?


      3. Can it Create report on Installed applications with “last run” date?


      4.Can it give me a report for  current standard image inclusions/settings?


      5. Can it provide report on  inventory of pre-packaged software?


      6. Can it provide information on  patching infrastructure for all sites?


      If this is not possible with Patch Manager, what Solarwinds Product I can use to get these details.





      Create report on Installed applications with “last run” date

      Document current standard image inclusions/settings

      Document inventory of pre-packaged software

      Document inventory of patching   infrastructure for all NA sites