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    Update current tickets with new field


      We are running Web Help Desk Version  12.5.2 - Build #  I've just recently added the Department attribute mapping in our LDAP connection to Active Directory.  I'm seeing that I can get new tickets to auto include the client's department that is being pulled from AD.  I'm wanting to know how do I go about getting the current tickets updated to include this information? I can manually do this as the field is showing up for me but this is a very long manual process.


      Reasoning behind this is department heads are wanting to know how many active tickets there are for their department and how many are at each status level.


      Thank you in advance for any help.

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          kendrickj, the quickest way, in my opinion, would be to run an update on the database.


          Is the client department field a custom field you created and have mapped in the LDAP Attribute Mappings?

          Is the ticket department field a custom field you created? How are you setting the ticket department field from the client record?


          With these answers, I might be able to get you pointed in the right direction with a sql update statement if you are interested.




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              Hi cshanep,


              Thank you for the response.


              The Department Attribute was activated by going to Setup>Locations & Departments>Options and selecting Use Departments then clicking on Save.  I believe that this is what allowed me to now see the Department Attribute option found at Setup>Clients>AD / LDAP Connections>[LDAP Connection]>Attribute Mappings. This Attribute is showing up at the bottom of Phone 1 Attribute, Phone 2 Attribute, Location Attribute, then Department Attribute.  The department attribute is set to department and the checkbox for Add any new Departments is checked.


              If I go to Setup>Tickets>Ticket Custom Fields, Department does not show up as a custom field.


              If I go to Setup>Locations & Departments>Departments, all of the different departments that are showing up in Active Directory (AD) are showing up there.  The Department column has the department names, but the Department Group, Phone, and Client Admins columns are all blank - this is to be expected as we currently don't use client admins and we don't differentiate on where the tickets go by department groups.


              I hope that answers what you were asking...


              Another thing that I've noticed - and should probably be entered in as a different question - is that when I'm in an old ticket in the system, I am getting a drop down box for Department that allows me to choose from the first 7 departments that were entered into the system but does not allow me to add to the list or show a scroll bar to get to departments 8 thru 27.  (I know that seems like a lot of departments and it is.  It will be getting whittled down as I think we have 10 departments now.  the company that I work for has been doing a lot of restructuring the last year and a half so a lot of the dept names are no longer valid.)

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              Alternate method would be to search open tickets with defined criteria, select the returned results and scroll to the bottom of the results window to do a 'bulk action' and update the department info for those tickets.


              Might be tedious depending on how you're set up.

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