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    Custom Package - EMET 5.5


      Back in 2016, I created a custom package to deploy Microsoft EMET 5.5 to Windows workstations, and it has worked great until Windows 10 1709 came out.

      Microsoft included EMET features into Windows 10 version 1709, and prevented EMET from being installed.  When you upgrade to 1709, it actually uninstalls EMET for you.

      This incompatibility created an issue with my package as users now saw the package trying to install, failing, and retrying over and over.

      So, I needed to update my package to exclude Windows 10 1709 and any future release of Windows 10.

      Well, I found the build number of 1709 is actually 16299, and I added the prerequisite rule attached below.

      However, this did not work as intended.  It excluded all Windows 10 versions.  Thankfully, the package still works on Windows 7, which is the majority in our environment.

      Has anyone had an issue filtering operating system version by build number before?

      It seems like the build number is not evaluated as part of the expression.  Essentially, my new prereq is saying "If OS version is less than 10.0"