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    Custom Config file to use for compliance


      Is it possible with NCM to run compliance checks against something other than the Running or Startup config on Cisco devices?  What I am thinking is being able to run a job that executes a script that does a show command and creates a file on the device.  Example:


      show int description | redirect flash://complianceCheck.txt


      or even better send directly to NCM


      show int description | redirect http://solarwindsNCMIP.com


      Then run compliance checks against that file.  Is this possible or is there a better way of handling something like this?  This comes from trying to create a compliance check against "show bgp ipv4 rt-filter sum" and see if any neighbors are down.



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          Have you looked into gathering this data with a Job?  I don't know that it can be automated, and I am unfortunately unable to dig into NCM right now.  You could run a job to run execute a script that runs that command and output that data into a file.  Additionally, you may be able to gather that information from NPM and build a report on it?


          As far as automating the configuration check, if it doesn't show up in the config file I'm not sure that NCM can check against it.... yet.