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    Groups showing worst status including interfaces?


      Is it possible to get the group to show when a member interface goes down and not just when a node goes down?

      I'm trying to monitor inferfaces in the console on my Cisco gear group. When a router goes down the Cisco group goes red. Great. However if one router's interface goes down, the group status still indicates all is good when it isnt.

      is it possible to tweak the summary/all nodes (grouped by type of device) to also show the flashing inferface down status on the group? Ive adjusted the settings regarding status rollups/display mode but that group setting isnt changing.


      Once again I have my console up on my video wall and it shows everything is fine. Then I get a call from my provider telling me that the LEC is dispatching a tech to one of my sites for a T1 down. Sure enough when I expand the Cisco group I see the inferface down indicator on both that site's router, as well as my head end router. (for the T1/VPN tunnel respectively)