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    Node details update information





      I want to ask, if I change information in network devices, why Solarwinds not update automatically?


      I change location, harddisk, etc.. and information in Node Details is not update



      anybody can help?


      thank you

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          When I encounter this issue, I usually just restart services using Orion Service Manager, which fairly quickly updates the missing information

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            When I change settings or add or change hardware within an existing node, I simply click "Rediscover" and "Poll Now" on the node in NPM.  Then, if I added more ports, I click "List Resources" and make sure those extra ports are added to NPM and UDT.


            When I replace a monitored node completely, while retaining the same management address, I delete the node and re-add it, to ensure I don't end up with incorrect interfaces.  For example, swapping out an older 2960 10/100 switch with a 3850 switch, if I give the 3850 the same management IP address of the 2960, NPM will still believe the node has 24 or 48 10/100 "Fa" ports.  And that's a problem.  NPM will discover all the new "Gi" ports, but will NOT remove the Fa ports from its list--it will only gray them out.


            One would hope that manual or automatic rediscovery would do this, but only manual removal and re-adding the node covers this.

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