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    Additionnal Polling Engine Web interface access




      I have a question regarding the installation of an "additional Polling Engine" and it would be nice if someone could help me (sorry if I ma not in the right forum).


      I have installed an "additional PE" on a laptop which is in the same network range as my main "Orion server" (which contains "IPAM" and "NCM" roles as well).


      Now I would like to install the "IPAM" and "NCM" roles on my "Additional PE" (on the laptop).


      When cllcking on the "Orion Web Console" link, I do have the "Orion Web Interface" webpage (https://xx-xx-xxx02:443) and I can access the main server portail.


      However I am wondering to know if I can only access the Additionnal PE interface ?





      1. I am wondering to know if I can access an "Additionnal PE" web-interface or if the Aditionnal PE is only managable throught the main server web-interface ?


      2. In order to install the "IPAM" and "NCM" services on my "Additionnal PE", do I need to configure and install them from the "main server" web-interface portail or from the laptop or his "Additionnal PE" web-interface portail ?



      In advance, I thank your attention and for your help.