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    Device Discovery - Interface filtering


      I'm trying to run a discovery that will pick up the network interfaces that I'm determining are interesting. Those interfaces currently have a description on them that looks like this

      - description ->SWITCH1,GI1/0/1


      - description ->ROUTER1,G0/1


      Only these interesting interfaces have the "->" in the description, so I was trying to filter on that. But when I look at the interface descriptions that are pulled into NPM, it shows that as "-)" instead. And when I look at the advanced filter, it changes that string to something completely different, like it doesn't like ether the > or the ).


      To get around this, I tried configuring an interface description to be: TO_SWITCH1,GI1/0/1 and used stated that the keyword should contain TO_


      Even doing that, it did not pick up those interfaces in the discovery.


      I tried using that advanced filter, and at the same time selected interfaces with the status of both Up and Down, Trunk and Access ports, and Physical hardware.


      Basically, I'm trying to avoid having to discover all of the interfaces, and then go into each individual device and specifically identify which interfaces I want it to monitor every time a discovery runs.