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    SAM redis template configuration troubleshooting


      Hello everyone,


      I am new to SolarWinds and am setting up our environment. I have created some new test redis servers running on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7.4


      I downloaded the redis template from Thwack: Redis


      I have modified the template script to use the following:


      Added another argument in the script to specify the host.







      $arg=" -p ";

      $arg2=" -a ";

      $arg3=" -h ";

      $execcmd=" info";



      $exit=`echo $?`;




      perl ${SCRIPT} /usr/bin/redis-cli ${IP} 6379 ${PASSWORD}


      When I try to get script output that will run against the redis Linux server with the proper credentials

      Output Result: Get Output Failed: A maximum of 10 output pairs can be monitored per script monitor. You currently have 10 pairs defined and are trying to generate more, bringing the total above the allowed 10. Processing will not start until existing statistics are disabled or removed.


      If I just assign the redis application monitor to the server the only components working is process: Redis server and TCP Port: Redis server.

      For the rest (System, Persistence and General) I get Testing on node ***: failed with 'Down' status. Testing on target node failed with 'Down' status ('Down' might be different if script exist with a different exit code).


      If I copy the contents of the script body onto the server itself and run the perl command it works.


      I have attached my modified template. I hope someone can help me out.