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    Do you have Meraki gear?  Does Solarwinds do enough with it?  What would you like to use Solarwinds for when managing Meraki?


      We've adopted Meraki to replace ASA 5505's in SOHO solutions, and I'm replacing 60 of them now.


      But I find insufficient Solarwinds support for backing up MX65's, Z3's, etc.   Nor do I find excellent snmp-v3 information about monitoring Meraki gear with NPM.


      I've searched Thwack for "meraki" and reviewed lots of hopeful, optimistic entries, plenty of requests for SW to better manage or integrate with Meraki gear.  But I've found no answers to my needs.  I can only discover my gear with plain snmp-v2, and I can't back it up at all with NCM.


      Nor do I see a way to pull Netflow info from Meraki for NTA to display.



      Do you use Netflow on your Meraki gear and have it successfully showing up in NTA?  If so, how?


      Have you found a way to back up Meraki gear with NCM?  If so, how?


      Have you successfully implemented snmp-v3 between Meraki and NPM?  If so, how?



      Your stories, answers, solutions, workarounds, frustrations, and suggestions are requested!