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    Alerting on Checkpoint VPN Tunnel OIDs


      I am trying to monitor checkpoint VPN Tunnels using Checkpoint's OIDs using the Orion UDP: (tunnelCommunity) <-- Tunnel name (tunnelState)



      They are getting the correct data when they are talking to the devices and when displayed as a table on a NPM dashboard. However when I try to alert on them the values I need to use don't seem to be available to me. When I use the trigger conditions:

      "Custom Table Poller Current Status" "Row Label" "contains" "Agency" <-- this works fine

      "Custom Table Poller Current Status" "Row Status" "is equal to" "Up" <-- this "Up" field has specific values (Up, Down, Unknown, Warn, Shutdown, Testing...) but the OID only has 6 values. 3, 4, 129, 130, 131, 132. So I am not sure where Solarwinds is getting it's status values.


      This works and alerts but I am not sure I am actually alerting on the correct status due to the values the drop down is providing. Now when I set up the trigger actions the variables ${N=SwisEntity;M=RawStatus} or ${N=SwisEntity;M=Status} provide the correct value of 3. But I can't find any comparable variable in the trigger conditions. I have attached a screenshot of my trigger conditions.