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    Ranjit Chaurasia


      We having issue with our poller engine post upgradation

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          Immediate help will be highly appreciated because our NPM is down. Thank you.

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              Go to your Main Polling Engine and create a diagnostics file to share with Solarwinds support.  Do this also for any Additional Polling Engines which are affected.


              Create screen shots of errors and describe your entire Solarwinds environment, include platforms and operating systems, and all Solarwinds modules.


              Then open a ticket with Solarwinds Support online immediately and attach the diagnostics files, screen shots, and descriptions to the case.


              Once you have uploaded these files, call the Solarwinds support telephone number and provide the ticket information.


              This group (Thwack.com) has experience with various parts of Solarwinds, but is not the best solution for your upgrade needs.


              When you contact Solarwinds Support, be sure to include a complete description of all that you are doing, and each error reported.


              serena  may have additional advice and recommendations.



              Good luck!

              Rick Schroeder