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    SLA Uptime Report Question

    martian monster

      I am working on trying to edit down a report our Infrastructure team runs for their monthly SLA report.  Right now it is huge and they actually have to do some additional calculations on a spreadsheet with numbers once it is done running.  I have gone over the SLA report found here How to create custom SLA reports and a few of the other examples that have been able to get me by. 


      We have five locations that we need to report SLA uptime for.  I started with one location to make this easier to figure out.  So right now I have a report that will give you the SLA uptime 24/7 from the previous month or whatever time I select for it and it will list each router and/or switch for the location and report each device SLA uptime.  Is there anyway to to take the average of each node in the report and just generate that number?  Below is an example of the report. Is there any way to take each of those nodes and take an average of them and report on it?  If not I can always create the report in Excel and we can do the modifications manually.   Thanks!